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I divided my last website, Multidimensional Healing, into seven different subjects to be represented on seven different websites. I wanted to change the focus of the information from a therapist searching for clients to information about the thoughts of a retired therapist and his experiences.

I can claim that every article and post is under construction because I am editing and updating the articles, blog posts, and websites. I am constantly learning new upgrades for the sites which are now very basic. In the cases of overlap, I will not duplicate files but direct the reader to the page via links.

Three websites discuss pre-conception through death and the world between death and rebirth. deals with pre-conception, conception, birthing, childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. covers ages twenty-one to sixty focuses on the final years and discusses dying death, and the afterlife. This website  the author, Edward Rice Books (Multidimensional Publishing LLC), and Edward’s book Angels and Your Other Unseen Friends. One website is a combination of three

Journey‑Into‑ gathered during his life as a metaphysician and metaphysical healer. Journey Into Self is not a path to self-enlightenment. Most of us did not incarnate to obtain that level of attainment, but we did design our life in this time and space with the intent that we would obtain being aware of ourselves or self-awareness.

The WombTime

A Glimpse Into Your First Earth Home

And How It Controls Your Life

Becoming a Twenty-First Century Shaman

Modernized Ancient Skills to Heal Yourself

Edward Rice

Lifetime Metaphysician  Second-Generation Multidimensional Healer International Teacher Lecturer

Angels and Your other Unseen Friends

How To Discover And Learn That You Are Not Alone

Political Metaphysics

 Strategies of the Archi, Archangels,

Angels, and Humans


Aging And Your Responsibility While Aging

EME Force
Unlimited Personal Power

Chi on Steroids


Understanding One’s Self